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How Cashew accesses your Zoom account and data

Published - 07/04/22


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How Cashew accesses your Zoom account and data

If you are looking for a How-to connect Zoom with Cashew Visit this blogpost
Cashew connects to Zoom via Zooms official public API. In order to access this API Cashew has had to go through a vigorous submission process, to ensure we only access the information we need, store the data safely and provide enough information to our users on how we access your data. Interestingly this blogpost is part of that approval process with Zoom.
Cashew accesses the following scopes
View and manage your meetings
Allow cashew to create and delete meetings as events are created and removed
We will update this page as our integration with Zoom evolve over time. And any questions please visit our support page to get in touch.
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